Mechanic cantilever

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Mechanic cantilever

Wide rotation 360° will make your operation field more wide, and raise the efficiency of employees. Make sure the stability of the cantilever, to avoid the phenomenon of drifting and medical accidents, and guarantee the adjustment and application of working environments.

With round appearance and seamless links, ceiling mounted arm is operated through swivels in operation fields. The load of every arm is less than 80 KG. It won’t affect working and medical accident if it is used for long time if load is over 80kg.


Mechanic cantilever

Without any cracks or splits, arc design has beautiful and elegant appearance. All the components don’t contain frames, and inserting installation.

Loading and functions of increasing arms

The load will increase from single arm to four arms per every arm 80kg load. Four arm load will reach 320kg. The length will increase while the number of cantilevers adds, which will form the arms in different position in construction even if in same angle, so that medical staff can operate conveniently.


Good medical environment

Medical fields

It is applied to medical equipment in such fields

   –Operation room/emergency room

   –ICU/ Heart-intensive care ward

   –Nursing unit

   – Ward


Max. load of single arm is up to

Single arm load≤80KG

Every cantilever load will add accordingly

Four cantilevers max. load≤320KG

Shape won’t change if it overloads occasionally.





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